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AZARAKHSH Movement Breaking News Thursday, 10 March, 2005, 17:00 (Europe time) True Iranian Peaceful Movement got underway in Europe Stand-off at Zaventem Airport in Belgium's Capital, Brussels Eighty nine (89) true Iranians including women and children with well coordinated effort are refusing to get off a Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt to protest against the political situation in IRAN They presented the following to World Pressclick below to read ANJOMAN-E PADESHAHI IRAN DECLARATION ON BEHALF OF IRANIAN NATION1. 2. This movement represents The Beginning of the End for current Regime in IRAN True Iranians all over the world shall publicize this news True Iranians in Europe should immediately go to the Zaventem Airport in Belgium's capital, Brussels and support this movement click below for more news The world must know that IRANIANS wish to be IRANIAN Soon IRAN will be Liberated Culturally Once and Forever Dorood bar click below to learn more... Dorood bar IRAN * Dorood bar IRANIANS * Dorood bar FARHANG-e-IRAN United and Stronger true Iranians all over the world is the only road to Prosperity, Success and Glory for the Iranian Generations to come!

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