THIS IS FOR THE WORLD TO SEEIslam turns good men bad.Islam thrives on deception and craves death and destruction.It’s time you discovered why it’s not possible to be a good Muslim and a peaceful person. Yes it’s true, all Muslims aren’t terrorists—only the good ones are.the terrorists haven’t corrupted their religion ; Islam has corrupted them.There is no choice in Islam. There are no freedoms. The doctrine is named submission. The Qur’an orders Muslims to submit and obey. Where there is no choice, there is no freedom. Where there is no freedom there is no democracy. Therefore, where there is Islam there will be no democracy. Muslims live in social, economic, intellectual, and religious poverty. All Islam has ever been able to breed is tyranny and terror.no Islamic society has ever been able to create a productive economy. For its first 1300 years, Islam survived on the taxes and plunder confiscated from conquered peoples. In the last 100 years it has nourished itself on oil. No oil, no Islam. Tyranny and terror are expensive.unable to give his followers a reason to live, Muhammad gave them a reason to die. Muhammad ordered his Jihadists to scream “Allah is Greatest” before every one of the 75 terrorist raids he led during the first 10 years of the Islamic Era. And Allah, Muhammad’s god, confirmed the madness in each of the Qur’an’s Medina surahs. Despite what you have said, Islam is not a peaceful religion and Allah is not Yahweh.

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we don't understand everything but Tiberius has a blog called "Pret met Mohammed"
please visit!!!

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cant't get what u r trying to summarize in this post!!!

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